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Underground Lake at Widow Jane Mine

BoneSong, is a sacred improvisational singing group consisting of Valeriana Claff, Katja Esser, Ana Moffett and Barnet Weiss. In August of 2001 the 4 members came from 4 different states, from Northern Maine all the way to New York City, to meet at the Widow Jane Mine in New York State, to sing from dusk till dawn. Something powerful transpired that began to shape our drumming, singing and even our lives. Since the music is improvisational we cannot do it again and we love to share what came through us in the belly of the earth.

On this page you find a couple of powerful music samples that are technically inadequate to be put on a CD but still a must hear. On this second page you can hear samples of our CD ‘Songjourneys’ that is available through this website. Most of the drum pieces did technically not work in the way we recorded it and could not be used in our CD. A second recording called ‘Prayers’ will be released some time in the spring. Our hope is that with our CD sales and your feedback we can raise the funds to return to the mine for a high level recording.

-- Samples --

Ana Moffett

Barnett Weiss

Drum and Voice Piece,
August 2002 (MP3, 1.8MB)


Drum and Voice Piece,
November 2001 (MP3, 3.9MB)


Katja Esser

Valarianna Claff