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As you enter Utah’s land of canyons and domes your sense of time gets changed. You enter geological time. The landscape looks extremely active, yet it takes a long time to form. It puts us humans in perspective.

The images I convey show my joy and wonder at the interplay of water and wind on the soft sandstone. Canyon walls are carved into whimsical and delicate shapes. The action of waves is frozen in the rock. Every spot is different.

There is a surprising discovery around every bend. there is a boulder that is hollow inside, a wall that is honeycombed, a rock face that looks like muscles as time dropped different layers down.

Then you stumble on a panel of rock art. The images are mysterious and powerful. Ancestors have left their traces. Some may be 2000 years old or older.

#1981 - Pothole Bridge


#1960 - Spinning Walls

#1963 - In the Womb of the Earth

#1961 - Light Shaft

#1962 - Undulations


#1964 - The Beckoning

#196.17 - Earth, Air, Fire and Water